Monday, October 28, 2019

Syria Policy...first a pull out then a reversion to the status quo but modified...

Simple question to the critics of our pull out of Syria.  What is your answer?  From my chair it appears that we're seeing an initial desire by the President to fulfill his campaign pledge and to pull our forces out.

Then a flurry of voices inside the beltway that demanded that we stay.


Now he's given in to those voices...defied the will of the American people that demand he leave.  Oh and can I add that while giving in to his critics he's been tossed the fig leaf of "holding onto the oil"?

The raid on the ISIS leader in my opinion while laudable and potentially valuable is simply more of the same.

Let's face facts.

SOCOM's way of war is NOT working.

If targeting terror leaders was a winning strategy then we would have won years ago instead of being caught in a quagmire for almost two decades.

But back on task.

What is your answer?  If saying enough is enough, ending military operations instead of continuing them for the sake of continuing them and ending the tremendous spending of American lives and treasure isn't the answer then WTF is!

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