Thursday, October 03, 2019

The Marine Corps Vision (MUST SEE VID!)

Massive themes are reborn in this vid...

*  Marines are the focus, not the equipment.

*  Getting back to the sea is now a focus.

*  The symbiotic partnership with the US Navy is once again going to be emphasized.

*  Expeditionary is back in fashion.  But with an emphasis on being expeditionary FROM THE SEA.

*  Threats are fully realized.  Russian and Chinese (especially Chinese) themes were seen early in the video.

*  Spearheading efforts by arriving early.  Being ready when the nation is least ready is emphasized.

*  Preparing the battlefield for heavier follow on forces was clearly stated. A scalable MEDIUM sized force that can fight up and down the spectrum was stated.  Better synchronization with the US Army in the making?

We're getting more hints at what the new guy is wanting. Should be an interesting time to be a Marine.  He promised a different Marine Corps but I keep getting the feeling that it will not be different but a reversion to the HISTORIC Marine Corps.  Quite honestly I'm expecting something that more resembles the WW2 Marine Corps, just modernized beyond recognition, but performing in the same way.  Island hopping, aviation participating in sea battles, artillery doing the same but without the shock troop action of assaulting directly into the teeth of the enemy.

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