Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Special Ops AGMS (Pandur II 6x6) rolling around Syria...

I would luv to know the modifications that Special Ops have applied to these rigs to make them viable in that meat grinder known as Syria.  On the surface it seems to be less than ideal.

At any moment you could be taken heavy machine gun fire.  The threat of IEDs is real.  Rocket propelled grenades and ATGM are passed out like candy in the region.

And that's what has me confused.

I just don't see the add-on armor, electronics to confuse or hardkill systems to defeat anti-tank missiles.  I don't even see available sensor masts to help locate and illuminate enemy formations.

The only nod toward protection is the anti-IED device but without protection built into the frame via a V-hull I'm wondering if that's enough.

Special Ops have done clever modifications cause I just can't see'em.

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