Saturday, October 12, 2019

This is why China will prevail against us...(UPDATED)

Drink it in boys.

You're seeing the seeds of failure being sown right in front of your eyes.

We were suppose to pivot to the Pacific.  We has supposedly recognized the threat that is China.

Yet we continue to engage in that tarbaby known as the Middle East.

What have we gotten for the last 20 years of our involvement?

*  Lives of our fellow countrymen either lost or their bodies horribly mangled.

*  Untold billions, maybe trillions of dollars wasted on foreign infrastructure, training forces that inevitably fail again and again, and those same foreign nationals begging for more of the same.

* Last but not least we've wasted our national strength, eroded faith in the military, in general lied to the American public and sullied our reputation as a warfighting force around the world.

We keep pumping resources into a failed project.

What makes a good business man?  He knows when to stop sinking money into a project that will not provide a return on his investment.

We're far beyond that point with the Middle East.  We're being bled slowly while our competitors gain ground.

When we lose to China you'll see historians point toward our failed efforts in the Middle East as one of many reasons why.

(Note.  Reading some of the comments it appears that people are skipping over the part where I say this will "one" of reasons future historians will say we failed.  You can add a whole host of other issues to the plate.  Failed economic policy.  Failed trade.  Failed regulation of TERRIBLE business practice. Failure to solve our budget issues/deficit spending.  Out of control focus on myriad social issues.  Massive bloat in the Pentagon.  Failed defense procurement.  The list goes on...)

I had hope that we were finally getting our heads out of the ME sands and were finally going to get ready for the future.

I was wrong.

We're giving the Chinese perfect victory.  Forget attacking us.  Forget us keeping them bottled up in the Pacific.  On the course we're on the Chinese will win without having to fire a shot.  Assuming of course they already haven't (which is a big assumption given the behavior of our so called domestic corporations with regard to their behavior toward the Chinese govt lately....I wonder who they actually fear...the US or Chinese govt...if you said US then you should be drug tested).

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