Tuesday, October 29, 2019

US Marines take over HMS Queen Elizabeth...

What was that?  We're not taking over the QE?  Dude!  We're manning the ship.  Our planes are on it's deck.  Not for a visitation but for a cruise.  Our aircraft will dramatically outnumber the ones they have.

But, but, but what about all the carriers in port?

The America Class and other LHAs are at sea.  If this isn't playing game with our unit deployment schedule then I don't know what the planners are thinking.

In other words, the QE is now an American asset being driven by Royal Navy Sailors to take US Marines where they need to go to get to the fight.

Who needs Canada when we have the UK as our lap...


I guess this is interoperability right?  Don't understand the concept but hey if that bit of propaganda works for the US DoD and the UK MoD then who am I to disagree.

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