Thursday, October 31, 2019

USMC places order for third lot of low rate production ACVs..This is procurement done right!

via Press Release.
 BAE Systems has received a $120 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for additional Amphibious Combat Vehicles under a third order for Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP). This award is an important next step on the path to full rate production.

This latest contract is for the ACV personnel carrier variant (ACV-P), an eight-wheeled amphibious assault vehicle capable of transporting Marines from open-ocean ship to shore and conducting land operations. Each vehicle embarks 13 Marines in addition to a crew of three.

“This award further validates the Marine Corps’ confidence in the vehicle’s proven capability in meeting their amphibious mission, and represents an important step toward fielding the vehicle in the Fleet Marine Force. The ACV is a highly mobile, survivable and adaptable platform designed for growth to meet future mission role requirements while bringing enhanced combat power to the battlefield,” said John Swift, director of amphibious programs at BAE Systems.

Current low-rate production is focused on the ACV-P variant. More variants will be added under full rate production to include the command and control (ACV-C), 30mm medium caliber turret (ACV-30) and recovery variants (ACV-R) under the ACV Family of Vehicles program. BAE Systems previously received the Lot 1 and Lot 2 awards.

The Marine Corps selected BAE Systems along with teammate Iveco Defence Vehicles for the ACV program in 2018 to replace its legacy fleet of Assault Amphibious Vehicles, which have been in service for decades and were also built by BAE Systems.
We often talk on these pages about our broken/dysfunctional procurement system.

This isn't one.

This is procurement done right!

Additional you can't help but cheer the upcoming family of vehicles based on this variant. 

Even better?

I can imagine that several other variants could be coming online, to include the possibility of a mobile gun system, mortar carrier (hopefully turreted) and maybe even other types.

On cost, within budget and on time.  It just don't get any better.

The BAE/Iveco Team executed on this to win the project and the continue to shine today.

Well done.

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