Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Versatile. Lethal. Sustainable. Bell 360 Invictus.

Note.  Why is everyone lusting after the big city fight?  I have to wonder if this is about INTERNAL SECURITY rather than an external enemy.  Kinda makes sense.  In the US the NE Corridor, the New York City, Washington DC over to Boston megaplex would overwhelm local authorities if things went sideways.

Additionally everyone seems to have forgotten the drama when the Boston Bombers went on that rampage and how they shut down the East Coast as well as the Beltway Snipers.

I guess the Pentagon is doing due diligence by running scenarios where they have to secure big cities but I still cringe at the idea of doing this as part of an offensive operations against a high tech foe.  But I'm off track.  Enough of my musing regarding a small slice of this vid that I allowed to take me off on tangent!

1.  The vid is nicely done.

2.  It does look like the son of Comanche!

3.  Bell is cooking with gas.  They're on fire lately.

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