Saturday, November 09, 2019

After BREXIT, 80% of NATO will come from outside the EU! Have I underestimated the US-UK team?

Read this tweet.

Read the article and I was knocked to my knees.  The US-UK team has been GREATLY underestimated by yours truly.

I knew of the relationship militarily but got lost in the weeds by much of the talk that I've seen inside the UK with regard to their feelings about the US.

I guess once you get past that noise the truth is glaring.

The US-UK team is indeed formidable. 

Add a couple more reliable allies and you have the makings of a hyper lethal mix of combat power.  I'm thinking the Aussies (of course), along with maybe Japan (S. Korea seems a bit fickle lately) and as sauce for the goose (although unlikely) Singapore and that would be all that would be needed to maintain a new hegemony that could ensure global prosperity.

Probably won't happen but as things stand the US along with the UK is more than good enough.

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