Wednesday, November 27, 2019

America's trust in the US military is still high but a 10 point drop in a year is concerning.

This is worth watching.

America still trusts its military but a 10 point drop in a year?  That's concerning.

Don't get me wrong.  84% trust is still high.  But it would be a prudent move by someone in the Pentagon to dig into the poll and see what's going on there.

The budget wars are coming.  If trust is falling then it will be harder to get the funding necessary to meet the coming challenge.

My personal issue?  I can't put my finger on cause behind the drop.  Is it the wars?  Is it the F-35? Is it a perception of the military changing...becoming more like other govt institutions that have failed us time after time?

I'm not sure but I look forward to what the so called big brains think.

Update.  Could this be as simple as "get woke, go broke"?

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