Saturday, November 23, 2019

First female graduates Amphibious Recon Course. Superwoman, the men that went before were weak or she got pencil whipped...let's get real!

via Marine Corps Times.
The first female Marine has passed the Basic Reconnaissance Course and earned the 0321 reconnaissance Marine military occupational specialty, or MOS, the Marine Corps has confirmed.

Lance Cpl. Alexa Barth graduated from the grueling 12-week course Nov. 7, 1st Lt. Sam Stephenson, Marine Corps spokesman, confirmed to Marine Corps Times Thursday.

Barth still has a few more training schools to go through before joining her unit at 1st Recon Battalion at Camp Pendleton, California, said Maj. Kendra Motz, spokeswoman for 1st Marine Division. Barth is expected to arrive at her unit late spring 2020.

The BRC provides Marines “with the basic knowledge of reconnaissance doctrine, concepts, and techniques with emphasis on amphibious entry, extraction, beach reconnaissance, Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC) operator skills and ground reconnaissance patrolling skills,” according to a slide attached to the Reconnaissance Training Company website.
Story here. 

Lock in people cause I'm gonna go there.  Send as much fire my way as you like but ya know what?  If I piss you off then I'm over the target.  If I make you mad then what I'm saying is hitting a soft spot.

In the words of General Mullen....DEAL WITH IT!

Let's dig in.

The first female has graduated the Basic Recon Course.  What does this mean?  As I see things we have three possibilities...

1.  She's superwoman.  This LCpl has strength and fortitude that thousands of men that went before her didn't have.  She was capable of dealing with a course that wipes people out during testing to GET TO THE COURSE! 

2.  The men that went before her were weak.  I've seen PT studs wash out of that course.  They sucked it up and moved on but the disappointment was there.  The desire was there.  I thought the work needed to pass was there.  So because they were weak in ways that I couldn't identify they were washed out.

3.  She got pencil whipped thru.  HQMC wanted a desired outcome and by hell or high water they would get that outcome.  If that means lowering standards then I can see someone with stars on their collar saying fuck it.  Lower the fucking standards.  SgtMaj so and so says but is that fair to the others?  General says DEAL WITH IT!!

Long story short?

I really don't which one of these possibilities it is.

I have my suspicions.

The terrible thing?

If my suspicions are true then its a MASSIVE slap in the face of all those guys that worked their asses off and didn't make it.

My biggest fear?

I don't think we're all equally worthless in the Corps anymore.  I think some are worth more now and that's a shame.

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