Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Flashlight (Torch to my Brit readers) decision made...threshold and objective versions picked...

1.  I APPRECIATE ALL THE RECOMMENDATIONS put forward.  You guys are knowledgeable and I luv ya for it.

2.  My threshold light (meaning what I can dig into pocket comfortably for RIGHT NOW) is the Surefire G2x along with its carrying case (kydex I believe) along with a spare battery carrier to go into my bag is my initial choice.

2a.  It clicks most of my boxes for RIGHT NOW.  Single output, reasonably bomb proof, water resistant etc.  But most importantly its single output, tail push button activated and it puts out a more than reasonable (watch me eat these words) 600 lumens.

2b.  No it is NOT rechargeable but in my reading the USB port on some of the more "stylish" flashlights can act as a source of irritation or worse failure (yeah I know but trust me, for my application I don't want the headache) so I've pitched that need/want from my criteria.

3.  My objective light (hey my lady--- hint hint hint damn it!) is the Elzetta B332. I could actually stretch a small bit and buy the darn thing now but hey...Christmas is coming so why the fuck not wait a sec?

4.  Once again thanks gents and if you happened to make it this far then I have another rather strange ask.  What's a good security holster?  Not paranoid but I'd like something that can hold up to a bit of mixing it up if ya know what I mean.

5.  Safariland is what I know and I believe it to be an excellent choice but is there something better out there that I'm unaware of (sorta like the Elzetta).

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