Saturday, November 16, 2019

General Mullen is going full retard...

Recruits are heavily influenced by their drill instructors, and top leaders want to be sure new Marines aren't leaving boot camp with negative views of women.

Maj. Gen. William Mullen, head of Training and Education Command, said he asked the commanding general of the Marine Corps' West Coast all-male recruit training depot to look at the way drill instructors are speaking to their recruits about women.

"We are concerned with some of the things that male drill instructors are saying to their male platoons about females," he said during an interview here this week.
Story here. 

Don't get this guy.  He's solid as hell.  He's squared away.  But apparently he's political.

These statements he's made lately?

Full retard.

Ya know what Drill Instructors tell their recruits about women Marines?  They tell them not to fuck with them.  They tell them that they could get a sexual harassment charge or worse.


Because they know they're dealing with 19 year olds with raging hormones.

Quite honestly the DI's are trying to save careers and lives by cautioning their recruits for life in the fleet.

Oh but if this wasn't enough he talked earlier in the week (didn't report on it here) that the Marine Corps is talking about mixed gender boot camp.  To those of us that have gone before what does he tell us to do?  Deal with it!

Dude was solid but he's going full retard.

Someone conduct an intervention.

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