Friday, November 15, 2019

Kuperjanovi infantry battalion soldiers used the THeMIS to lighten their load by carrying heavy machine guns and ammo for mortars during the Iron Wolf exercise held in Lithuania.

This Squad Equipment Carrier gives me chills.  If I was going up against a unit on patrol utilizing a gear carrier (especially one carrying a heavy gun) the first thing I wanted have my guys focus fire on wouldn't be the troops but the carrier.

Once that's gone then the rest are presumably easy pickings.  These things breed laziness.  I can bet that we'll start seeing the habit of combat loads being reduced to silliness.  3 mags and your weapon.  The rest of the stuff on your person will be either pogey bait, cell phones and maybe first aid kits.

All the stuff you need to fight and win should/could be destroyed in the opening minutes of a fight.

It's the latest hotness but I don't like it.

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