Monday, November 25, 2019

SecNav went behind the SecDef's back to propose a "deal"...

via Stars & Stripes.
But on Sunday, Esper said he had learned that Spencer had “privately” proposed to the White House that Gallagher be allowed to retire in his current rank and without losing his status as a SEAL. Esper said Spencer had not told him of the proposal to the White House, causing him to lose “trust and confidence.”

A spokesperson for Spencer, Navy Cmdr. Sarah Higgins, said Spencer had no immediate comment. The White House did not provide details of Spencer’s alleged private proposal regarding Gallagher.

In yet another twist, Esper also directed on Sunday that Gallagher be allowed to retire at the end of this month, and that the Navy review board that was scheduled to hear his case starting Dec. 2 be cancelled. At Esper’s direction, Gallagher will be allowed to retire as a SEAL at his current rank.

That effectively gives Trump the outcome he sought.
Story here.

The moral of the drama?  Don't go behind your bosses back in the midst of serious shit. 

Don't care about your take on the Gallagher affair (interesting that administrative punishment would be used to accomplish what criminal punishment failed to do though) the outcome in my mind is fair.

What do ya'll think?

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