Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The difference between a good leader and a bad one...

Note.  The discussion of leadership popped up today.  During the talk certain values were presented.  Unfortunately all discussions of leadership involve the most extreme of human efforts.  Active combat.  Rarely is the talk of leadership focused on the more mundane/everyday tasks that most of the Western world is involved in.  The short article below is more of the same.  What I'd like to see is a writer tackle CIVILIAN leadership.  Marine Corps leadership traits can serve you well but most are too stringent for the average civilian to follow. 

My ask?

I ask you read the below then to give me your definition of what good CIVILIAN leadership will look like.  Aiming this mostly at the political level.  What makes a good (versus successful) political leader?  I think the distinction is important.  An extremely successful politician might be the most vile human being on the planet while being loved by many.  Additionally the most morally straight leader could end up despised (not saying AT ALL that this applies to Trump so don't get it twisted).

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