Sunday, December 01, 2019

20 years of Counter Insurgency Warfare has left our ground forces ill prepared for the strides being made in artillery...

It's happening right before our eyes.

Artillery is reaching farther, hitting more accurately than ever before and the volume of fire is increasing as well.

That's just gun/cannon fire.

Toss in rockets and you have hell in a handbasket.

We aren't ready and in the rush to make our forces even lighter, even more air deployable, we're going to be in a hurt locker the first time an enemy has us indexed and firing for effect.

It gets worse though.

Our vaunted command & control will be located and pounded into oblivion and then all our widely dispersed units will be blind, without support and without resupply/reinforcement.

In essence we're designing mini-Guadalcanal's into our battle plan that will be forced to hold on with their teeth while the enemy conducts deliberate attacks to wipe them out one by one by one.

We are unbalanced.

We are too focused on offensive warfare.

We are the Wehrmacht in the 21st century....great on the offense but will be forced by a series of factors to be doomed to fighting a defensive war we will lose.

The time to rethink this mess is now.  We squandered time and space with useless wars.  Trying to scheme a quick easy solution to the mess will lead to failure.

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