Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Berger wants bold thinking? Ok. Disband FAST Regiment...

Where can the USMC find a pool of well trained, skilled infantry...shed unneeded infrastructure...while at the same time streamlining its force structure?

Disband FAST Regiment.

Don't get it twisted.  The guys train hard, get sent on missions and have had a good run.

But if we're gonna be bold then big changes aren't how you make it happen. You start small and work toward the big stuff.

An appropriate step would be to case this units colors.

Quick and dirty I know but tell me where I'm wrong.  Tell me how they're essential to the security of the US.  Tell me how their missions can't be conducted by forces that are held inside our big sister the US Navy.

If you can't readily tell me why FAST should exist in 2020 then you have your answer.

If you can then I stand ready to listen.

Change is coming.  Let's manage it appropriately by cutting excess (FAST definitely isn't cutting fat) before we make wholesale changes...its the smart way of doing things.

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