Monday, December 02, 2019

Bomb Proof Your Knees...

Just learned something that many of you probably already know.  To bomb proof your knees (or to help recover from a knee injury) you need to power up the supporting muscles.

Calf raises are a good start.  It will burn if done correctly but it's essential because they run up the back of the knee and provide support.

TLDR?  Well the guys above are a little nerdy but they hit on a good point if you checked out the vid.  If not then this is your benchmark.

If you have a weak elbow then you need to hit your forearms, biceps and triceps to help bring it back.  Can you expect discomfort?  You bet your ass but nothing ventured is nothing gained and pain is just weakness leaving the body (or so I was told).

Anyway hit the major muscle groups individually if you have to (if squats will bomb you out).  That means leg extensions, calf raises, leg presses and/or leg presses.  Those are all low impact, you can vary the resistance and more importantly it'll get you back in the game.

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