Wednesday, December 04, 2019

British Army is chest thumping about Boxer, Ajax and Strike Brigades. Why are they still pushing a modernized Warrior?


I'm going from this short vid but from reading other news coming out of the UK, the impression of a bit of chest thumping over the Boxer, Ajax and Strike Brigades rings like a New Year's Day parade.

I get it.

They're getting their house in order and the Brit Army is attempting to form middleweight, quick reaction force that can scale up and down the spectrum.

On paper at least it should be formidable.

But one thing is off.

Why are they still pushing the modernized/upgunned Warrior?

We've seen this type thing before...especially with regard to aviation.  The USMC has been continuing to upgrade both the F-18 and Av-8B while awaiting the F-35B.

The reality?

Wasted money. 


Because the F-35 shouldn't be bought in numbers till it delivers on its promise.  Purchasing planes that aren't ready while still upgrading planes that will be put out to pasture as soon as they GET READY is wasteful in my opinion.

The Brits seem to be doing a variation on that theme.

Instead of holding place with the legacy Warrior as it is, they're upgrading it while purchasing obviously superior vehicles at the same time.  Additionally they're attempting a middle ground by incorporating that old rig into new formations.

I consider it both wasteful and unnecessarily expensive.  Logistically it simply adds friction.  Why keep an old vehicle along with its supply/training chain when you could "neck" down to its replacement?

Maybe Brit officers should head over to Australia to see procurement done right.

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