Sunday, December 29, 2019

China just launched its 10th Type 52D...that's this year...

Thanks to Howdy Modi for the link!

Hmm.  If this was only about regional superiority they could stop now.  But we all know its not.  China is building a global fleet.  They're dipping their toes in the water now but will soon take the plunge I think.

When was the last time the US faced a global fleet that could rival our own?

I believe it was during WW2.

The Japanese had a fleet (at least in the first few years) that was as good as and as technologically advanced as our own.

Since then our Navy has had unparalleled supremacy on the high seas.  Additionally since WW2 our Navy has played the supporting role in all of our actions.  From preparations for the Cold War going hot, to Vietnam, the wars in the Middle East etc...

It will take a new mindset to have the supporting become the supported.  But that's just a minor challenge if we're going to succeed against the Chinese juggernaut.

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