Thursday, December 05, 2019

EAGLE V 6×6 reconnaissance vehicle, selected by the Swiss Army.

via Army Recognition.
General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag announced today, Dec. 5, that it signed a contract with Armasuisse on November 18th, 2019, for the delivery of 100 protected Eagle 6x6 reconnaissance vehicles for the Swiss Army. The Eagle 6x6 was selected after an international competition conducted by Armasuisse, the Swiss federal office for defence procurement. This first order of the Eagle 6x6 is a milestone for the latest development of the Eagle vehicle family.

The 100 Eagle V 6x6 vehicles will be the vehicle platform of the tactical reconnaissance system "TASYS." TASYS will be used to gather intelligence for the Swiss Armed Forces including support of civil authorities. It consists of an Eagle V 6x6 carrier vehicle, a multi-sensor system mounted on a telescopic mast, and a data processing system. For self-protection, the highly-mobile Eagle V 6x6 TASYS is armoured and equipped with a remotely controlled weapon station. The vehicle offers sufficient payload reserves to allow for future improvements, such as the integration of additional sensors. The Eagle V 6x6 TASYS starts production in 2020 and will be fielded between 2023 and 2025.

Besides the Swiss Army, the Eagle V 4x4 is also extensively used by both Denmark and Germany, where it is very popular with the troops. The further development of the Eagle V 4x4 into the Eagle V 6x6 was inspired by the operational experience and the need for a vehicle with increased useful volume, more payload, very compact exterior dimensions, as well as constant high mobility and maximized protection. "We are very proud that the Swiss Army is the first customer to introduce the Eagle V 6x6," says Oliver Dürr, Vice-President Wheeled Vehicles and Managing Director of General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag.
That is one BIG recon vehicle.

Bringing this full circle isn't it ironic that the USMC is apparently attempting to go light while almost EVERY OTHER FORCE ON THE PLANET is going heavy?

Either the USMC is right and everyone else is wrong...or too much faith is being placed on aviation in the Corps.

I imagine it will take the next war to learn the answer.  But what if the Marine Corps is wrong?  It'll be an extremely painful lesson...a lesson filled with blood.

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