Sunday, December 22, 2019

Finally a Congress Critter gets it about the Afghanistan Papers...

via Fox News.
If it were any other year, last week’s “Afghanistan Papers” bombshell in the Washington Post would still be dominating headlines, talk radio segments, and cable news chyrons.

For passive observers of wartime news, the Afghanistan Papers validated almost two decades of barroom debate over the unprecedented outpouring of resources and troops into a region many Americans long ago wrote off as lost cause.

For lawmakers in Washington, however, the Post’s reporting raised serious questions about the trustworthiness of an agency that has guided policy in Afghanistan for two decades.
Opinion article here.

Good God I love this woman!  This article is a MUST read.  She lays bare the full nastiness of this thing and she breaks it down donkey style.

Another thing.

For Fox News to be the platform in which she voiced this is telling.  The Pentagon defied all expectations and got another huge budget deal.  Great for them and I hope they spend it well.

But they should be advised.

Failed wars are going to cost them.  They need a serious "come to Jesus" moment, explain to their political masters and the American people what it will ACTUALLY TAKE to break even in these wars (if that's even possible considering the lives lost) and tell us their plan to get out.

Failure to do so will cost them their good will and future budgets. 

Everyone says this isn't Vietnam but history will repeat if they're not careful. Does anyone remember reading about that affair so many years ago?  It started with a nasty pullout of those treacherous jungles and ended with a hollow force for more than decade.

Someone better start thinking and planning a little bit of damage control and hiding in your fighting position ain't good enough.

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