Sunday, December 08, 2019

French 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade on exercise..

Thanks to Pegase for the vid!

The Pentagon talks interoperability alot but I get the impression its used more as a punchline than as an actual "thing".

Want real interoperability?

Want real training instead of dog and pony shows?

Stop playing at it and tap into areas of expertise that our allies possess.  We don't need to work with Royal Marines in amphibious assaults.  We are mechanized to a degree that they aren't.  We should tap into their knowledge in arctic/mountain warfare.  That's where we're weak.  In that region they (along with the Norwegians) should be where we ask them to "take the lead" in operations/planning.

Mountain warfare?  I'd like to see the 10th Mountain heading to France to train with these bubbas.

Want to operate the F-35B from austere landing strips?  Talk to the Swiss Air Force and others that do it everyday.

A nice vid that highlights that this Mountain Infantry Brigade actually does the work it says on the tin.

Good to go.

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