Monday, December 30, 2019

Have to give the Chinese credit...that Type 52D strutting around off the coast of Iran looks good...

An old proverb says that you're truly blessed if you have a worthy adversary. If that's the case then we should be grateful...hopefully the Chinese feel the same.

But back on task.

That's a good looking ship.  According to Wikipedia its capabilities match those of the Burke Class.  Hope our sub boys are up to task cause it looks like a target rich environment.

But speaking of that.  We're putting alot of faith in our subs handling the tough work but not much has been said about advances in the tech.  Not much discussion on these pages. 

Once Special Ops and Submarines Service were the two "silent" entities in the DoD.  I think Special Ops has come a bit more into the light but the Sub Service remains quiet.

Can they carry the load in a high intensity war with a peer at sea?

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