Friday, December 06, 2019

Interesting UK take on Exercise Green Dagger..."Royal Marines HONE FUTURE ROLE United States Marine Corps into battle

A Royal Navy spokesperson said the exercise saw Royal Marines further developing the Future Commando Force concept - and become "the lethal tip of the spear" for the USMC.

"The Marines are evolving for the battlefield of the future, focusing on the way they take on their adversaries and developing equipment that will give them the cutting edge in combat," say the RN.

"As part of that, the Green Berets are putting their commando skillset at the forefront of what they do, rather than centring on conventional warfighting.

Tip of the spear?

Future role leading US Marines?

Fuck that.

Break the fucking spear.

If I was in charge for just 10 seconds I'd dial up US Army Special Forces and tell them that I've got a deal for 'em.

Let's team up.  Let's work together.  This chest thumping from across the water is annoying as hell.

I don't think we need them.  We can make do with assets in house.  From the SEALs to Special Forces.  We don't need Royal Marines "tip of the spear" bullshit infecting an already weakened Marine Corps spirit.

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