Monday, December 02, 2019

Pentagon doesn‘t really know how $2.1 BILLION was spent on F-35 parts

via Stock Daily Dish.
The Pentagon has failed to properly manage and account for $2.1 billion worth of parts for F-35 fighter jets, a new report by a government watchdog reveals. Now, the military simply has to take the word of Lockheed Martin on that.

The US military failed to account for 3.45 million pieces of government property – parts and equipment for F-35s, according to issued by the Department of Defense‘s (DoD) Office of Inspector General. Pentagon officials have “failed to implement procedures, and failed to appoint and hold officials responsible, to account for and manage government property for more than 16 years.”

Lacking the paperwork and even people to hold responsible for the blunder, the Pentagon has no actual idea how much the aforementioned pile of parts cost, and has to simply trust the word of the main contractor – Lockheed Martin – and its subcontractors, according to the report. The corporation valued the parts at $2.1 billion.

Hmm.  What could we have done with 2.1 Billion Dollars?  Don't like safety net programs (although defense could justifiably be classified as such these days) then keep it entirely inside the Pentagon and think about what that could have bought.

Weep bros.

We have become Ancient Rome.  Decadent. Wasteful.  Fat.  Corrupt. How can we do the hard thing (and that time is coming) when we can't even muster the courage to do proper accounting on the biggest project in Pentagon history?

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