Monday, December 09, 2019

So if I read between the lines I guess this means USMC Tank BNs are about to die...

via Defense News.
“We have to get rid of legacy things in the Marine Corps. We’ve got to go on a diet” he told reporters during the event, noting that a large-scale review of the service will be rolled out in roughly 60 days. “We’ve got to become expeditionary again, which we know how to do.”

Asked to highlight the type of equipment he thinks the Corps must dump, Berger called out “big, heavy things” such as manned counter-armor assets.

“Big, expensive things that we can’t either afford to buy or afford to maintain over the life of it. Things that don’t fit aboard ship, things that can’t fire hyper-velocity projectiles, things that can’t have, don’t have the range that we’re going to need, the precision, but are also mobile, expeditionary enough [that] we can operate from ship or ashore and move back and forth freely. Manned things, manned logistics vehicles, manned logistics aircraft — all those things we’re going to trim down.”
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Sounds like the Marine Corps is about to stick a fork in its Tank BNs.  Too bad. I think they still have utility.

What I find stunning is that we're seeing all kinds of lurches from Marine leadership.  First we had aviation centric.  Then we had whatever Neller's initiative was...I really can't put my finger on anything.  Now we have Berger talking about unmanned everything.

We're lurching from idea to idea meanwhile budgets are at best gonna be flat and more likely gonna decline.

Could we find ourselves caught in a transitioning force that can't be completed?

Could we find ourselves with a force that while great in theory just plain sucks on the battlefield of the future?

Huge bets are being made and if they're wrong the price will be in blood.

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