Thursday, December 19, 2019

Turkey breaches airspace of Greece 40 times in a day, triggering mock dogfights between the NATO allies

Greek air force pilots scrambled to intercept Turkish fighter planes that illegally entered Greece’s airspace 40 times in a single day this week as tensions soar between the NATO allies over a territorial dispute in the eastern Mediterranean.

Fighter jets from the two countries on Tuesday engaged in 16 mock dogfights following multiple Turkish incursions into Greek airspace, defense officials in Athens told Greece’s Kathimerini newspaper.

Dogfights between the two NATO members are relatively commonplace and risky. Turkish jets and helicopters illegally entered Greek airspace 141 times on a single day in May 2017, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff said. Several Greek pilots have been killed in aviation accidents while intercepting Turkish jets in Greek airspace.

The fighter intercepts stem from a long-running row between the two countries over territorial claims in the Aegean Sea. Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos recently said the disputed area is under Greek military control, Kathimerini reported.

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I got a little flag when I went to this story that said that I had four articles left till a subscription would be required.  I understand the need to pay for journalism but I thought running ads would cover it.  Am I wrong?  What do you guys do to stay informed when a story comes out and it appears only one source has it?  Recommendations are appreciated!  The race to monetize EVERYTHING will eventually break the internet.  Just mark my words!

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