Friday, December 27, 2019

Turkey was about to carry out airstrikes in Libya?

This is interesting.  I know Turkish troops are soon to be deployed  to the latest simmering pile of camel dung in the ME/NA, but this is a bit of a surprise.

They couldn't get fly over permission?  Haven't been following this closely but I hazard a guess that things between Turkey and Egypt (the feud between the Turks and the Greeks is legend) aren't quite good.

Turkey wants to be the leader of the Muslim world.  Egypt once had that title. Are they actually arguing over leadership?  Is there that much blood in the water for the Saudis that people are seeking to dethrone them during this time of internal strife?

But to the bigger issue.  Let's run down the fights going on in the Middle East/North Africa.

US vs Syria, Saudi Arabia vs Yemen, Israel vs Palestine, US/Israel vs Iran, Syria/Russia/Iran vs US (won't even touch the groups we're supporting cause I don't want to open that can of worms), Syria/Russia/Iran vs Turkey (that's trying to carve out a portion of that nation for itself), Iran vs Kurds (they consider them terrorists)...the list goes on and this is far from complete.


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