Monday, December 16, 2019


I knew they had biker gangs but this?  Just wow.  It's been MANY years since I was last in Europe but it sure seems like a totally different place now.  If this is Sweden then screw going to Manheim (a favorite of mine), Amsterdam (no I didn't smoke weed) or any of the other once (at least to me...mostly hamlets) cool places.

Note.  I know this can be viewed by some as a "dog whistle" report and will most assuredly point to RT saying that its seeking to spread disinformation. Nope.  I followed the link to the original article which Google Translate did the job on (here) and yeah It ain't good in Sweden right now.

Oh and keep your comments in the center lane.  I've learned that shit like this can be inflammatory and I'm not wanting to deal with that today.

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