Tuesday, January 14, 2020

B-1R Missile Truck Reborn as the F-15EX...

This is a rehash of a conversation we've had on these pages more than a few times.

Why the F-15EX?

A few things...

*  The USAF needs a "conventional" (read that to mean non-stealth fighter) to claw back at affordability.  Even if the F-35 meets every combat requirement (which I still doubt) we're still looking at budget breaking maintenance.

*  The USAF wants to leverage its existing infrastructure.  The F-15EX can fall in on existing maintenance and supply chains with just a bit of modification.

*  The USAF needs a missile truck since the B-1 is now approaching that same bugaboo of being unaffordable.

The last point is the most important and points to how the USAF plans on fighting.

Instead of embracing manned and unmanned fighter teams, the USAF is fully wedded to manned flight (at least it is today).

In keeping with how the F-35 is being rolled out to the fleet, the USAF is looking at the plane as being more of a scout...or in the words of F-35 boosters, "the quarterback" of the fight.

So what does that mean?

The F-35 will scout ahead in full stealth configuration and light up targets for the F-15EXs that will be bringing a shit load of missiles to the fight.

If all goes well the F-35 won't be detected and the F-15EXs will turn and burn as soon as they launch their missiles at range.

Replace the B-1R in the "Dogfights of the future vid" with the F-15EX and I think we have the concept they're aiming for.

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