Thursday, January 30, 2020

Coronavirus has spread to every region in China...(UPDATE!!! China is building a second shake and bake hospital)

This virus has already infected more people than SARS.  We're behind the power curve and we have the Chinese to thank for that.

We're not looking at a Spanish Flu situation but I believe this will change the course of that nation and will be the nail in the coffin for globalization. Even Wilbur Ross is saying so.

God it feels so good to be so right and ahead of the curve on this stuff...DESPITE critics that say I'm fear mongering.

It's never about fear.  It's about information from OPEN SOURCES!  Most of time we must rely on foreign sources for that information!  Russian, Chinese, Japanese, European...all those sources are currently better at giving information of an international flavor than our US news agencies.  Think about it.  While main stream media was focusing on the impeachment WE were talking about the were foreign news agencies.  We were right, US news was wrong.

This incident should be an eyeopener for many.


Yep.  They have this thing under control.  So much control that they're building holding pens labeled as hospitals to destroy after the danger has passed.

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