Wednesday, January 29, 2020

"Head Cavity Search" conducted prior to recovering missing sniper rifle...

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On June 16, 2006 Scout snipers from 3rd BN, 5th Marines killed an enemy sniper and recovered a Marine M40A1 sniper rifle lost nearly two years prior almost to the day during a mission near Habbaniyah. The rifle was the one formerly used by four Marines of 2/4 who were killed on a rooftop in Ramadi June 21, 2004. Sniper Section Four was in a hide when the spotter observed a military-aged male inside a nearby parked car videotaping a passing patrol of amphibious assault vehicles. The Marines saw a rifle stock by the insurgents side. Moments later, the insurgent would receive a precise head cavity search along with his spotter who received multiple rounds to the chest. The weapon came full circle, having originally belonged to the Darkhorse battalion in OIF I, who turned it over to the "Magnificent Bastards" of 2/4. Coincidentally, it was a Darkhorse sniper who killed the insurgent sniper, and a former Magnificent Bastard killed the spotter. . "The very fact it was one of our snipers that killed theirs trying to use our rifle is poetic justice. It's very rewarding to take them out the way we did, even though it won't bring back the four Marines who were killed that day." . Personal note: When I was in Ramadi, we knew the story of the 04 ambush was true, but always thought the rumors of finding the missing sniper rifle were just that, rumors. Fucking karma. #marines #hogs #zerofoxtrot #stayzero
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Poetic Justice Indeed!

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