Sunday, January 12, 2020

Interesting tidbit about US Army robotic systems...RCV(L) is to be attritable...

Story at Army Recognition...

I find the above graphic interesting.  The RCV(L) is to be attritable?  I wonder what the price point is with that being the case.  Its to have a robust sensor package AND limited self defense capability (with the ability to handoff strikes to more capable systems)?

Sounds like a tall order with a throw away system.  Additionally (and I'm assuming here) I'm guessing that the Squad Support Vehicles will also fall into this category.

Sorry folks.

I'm just not buying it.

Does anyone have a clear view on the Army's concepts for using these things? I just don't see how they're gonna square this circle.

Sidenote.  I notice the Crusher has made a return in their graphics...was always a fan of that beast.

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