Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Iranians strike back feebly...could we see the return of a VIABLE way of dealing with terrorism?

By now you've heard that the Iranians struck back at us...fortunately it was in a feeble way AND they've signalled that this is over.

Could we be seeing a return of dealing with terrorism in a viable way?

Let's have a quick "what if" of American history.

What if Carter struck Iranian targets hard and often till they released our hostages?

What if Bush Jr struck Afghanistan hard and often till they gave up Bin Laden?

What if Bush Sr had simply bombed Iraq into the stone ages if they didn't give up their nuke development program?

Do you get what I'm selling?

The need to deploy ground troops could have been avoided, our message would have gotten across and even though losses would inevitably have been sustained we could have saved trillions of dollars and probably thousands of lives lost not to mention those that were injured.

The killing of one man caused much angst in Iran, probably the destruction of some buildings on Iraqi air bases but could signal a better way to deal with terrorists.

This isn't quite over but I'm pleased at what I'm seeing so far.

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