Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Iron Fist 2020 Exercise is coming soon...

I'm wanting to see so much but it might be a bit too soon.  I'd love to see the Japanese working out hard with their new bought AAVs, MV-22s, and perhaps even a few of their mobile gun system (don't know how big its suppose to be this year).

It won't happen but I'd love to see the ACV rolled out to participate in this thing (even if the AVTB has to do the work and not Fleet Marines), the CH-53K participate in a limited way (I know its still undergoing testing but it would still be nice) and a few deck launched MLRS shoots along with (yeah this is a huge no way but I'd like it anyway), the Navy's new MV-22C at least doing a flyby.

Alas I think it'll probably be quite scripted (no way around that considering the density around Pendleton), with lots of small boat ops, probably a big showing by MARSOC/SOCOM and an emphasis on Command/Control (MEF is back in a big way so expect more tabletops than actual running and gunning).

Still gonna cover it, still gonna watch it with great anticipation.

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