Friday, January 03, 2020

Much bloviating about the killing of the Senior Quds Force Commander. Should have been done long ago...

The wringing of hands, bloviating and almost crying over the death of the Senior Quds Force Commander leaves me cold.

We should have killed the bastard long ago.

My wish for him and his family?  I hope they dwell in agonizing hellfire for an eternity.

As far as the people acting all "scared and shit"?  Get over it.  They're gonna do what they're gonna do.  We deal with it when it comes, we do our best to stop it and if they do get thru then we pound them like a piece of cold meat.

Trump got this right.

Kill them, protect assets and pick our fights.

Sending in the Marines and the 82nd to protect our embassy was the right move.  They initiated that action and we counter reacted to make sure it wasn't a repeat of that Clinton mess or worse a rerun of our exit from Saigon.

An Amphibious Ready Group and the 82nd Ready Brigade are both steaming/spooling up for action.

We got this shit.

If the Iranians come then we let the Lions off the leash and maul the bastards.  Do we want war?  Do we want our people in harms way?  Hell no.  But its about time we stop turning tail when we're threatened.

What about the ongoing wars?  I still want us out.  But I characterize this as being a different issue.

Rant over.  Rambling post over.  The news media has me a bit amped up on this one.

Last but not least.

That damn Hellfire missile with ninja blades strikes again.  That is obviously the weapon of choice now.

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