Friday, January 24, 2020

OK. Shit's getting real. China is mobilizing it's military to deal with the virus outbreak...

Different culture, different set of standards but this should raise eyebrows and at the same time be a bit comforting to Chinese citizens.

First I have to be consistent here.  When we see humanitarian crisis in the US and other Western countries I always wonder why we don't deploy our military to assist local govts when they seem overwhelmed.

The same applies to China.  For that reason I believe that their citizens should be comforted.  These are Chinese soldiers assisting Chinese citizens.  They're suffering a potentially deadly outbreak of disease and they're seeing their soldiers "rushing to the sounds of chaos".

Second is the fact that this should raise eyebrows.  Those troops are rushing aboard a transport to deal with a virus outbreak.  Not a wildfire or earthquake but an outbreak.

Spooky as hell.

Shit just got real in China.

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