Sunday, January 12, 2020

Protests in Iran over the shoot down of the civilian airliner by their forces...

The irony of this situation would be too delicious if lives weren't lost (and probably continue to be lost over this situation).

Iran launched an attack on our embassy in Iraq which was repulsed, we retaliated, then they launch an attack with ballistic missiles but were so rattled about the possibility of further escalation that they set their defenses to automatic resulting in the shootdown of their airliner because they did not establish a no fly zone over their own country.

We've seen protests in that country result in deaths, we've seen the shootdown result in deaths and now we're seeing protests because of the shoot down.

I'm not one that's big into regime change but if I were now would seem to be the perfect time to push this thing over the edge (but I'm not and I worry what monster could replace the monster we know).

This new year has started off terribly for the Iranians.  I hope they're smart enough to stabilize things without plunging the rest of the region into an even hotter war than its already facing.

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