Monday, January 06, 2020

Quick hit. We're pulling out of Iraq? AWESOME!

We're pulling out of Iraq?  FUCKING AWESOME!

The idea of deploying hundreds of soldiers in individual bases worldwide in a bid to "deter" aggression has failed miserably and should be placed in the dust heap of failed concepts.

US troops have served as a magnet for terrorists and acted as a platform to allow people in foreign lands to declare us oppressors instead of liberators.

Iraq wants us out then let's go.

They'll be begging for us to return in due time and I hope we say no.  Deal with it yourselves.

A return to the past where we had credible forces afloat that could respond to quickly developing situations (talking the US Navy/Marine Corps team) along with US Army paratroopers served us well and we should return to that status quo.

There is no need to station our troops in these lands.  The European model just doesn't work worldwide...especially in austere locations.

To the Iraqi people.  Good luck.  Your govt made a decision that I believe will lead to your next civil war.  I think much blood will be spilled the second we're gone.

To the critics and doomsayers.  They want it.  They get it.  It's their country. If its a stupid decision like I believe it is then they pay.  Not us.

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