Thursday, January 09, 2020

Quick Rant. How the news media whipped the public into a frenzy over the Iran situation for pure politics...

Things appear to be settling down but it really looks like there will be no war between the US and Iran.

It might be hindsight but cooler minds should have prevailed.

The US public would NOT tolerate another occupation of a Middle Eastern country.  Hell I would have been irate about it.

Next.  Trump has given every indication that he is not interested in forever wars in the Middle East.  I don't see how it was valid to believe that he would launch an invasion of Iran.

Finally.  The roster of forces quickly deployed to deal with this situation all indicated that they were mostly focused on quick reaction and defense.  No heavy armor, most of our aircraft carriers were in port, just one Amphibious Ready Group steaming to theater and a small contingent of bombers sent to Diego Garcia.

All this gave the impression of punitive raids...mostly by airpower with a few select targets to be hit by the US Army Rangers (assuming they had a few high value targets lined up) and a few others by Marines and the 82nd.

All this leads to the question.

Why did the news media whip the public into such a frenzy?

You heard (rather read) about people that would NEVER be called up talking about being drafted.  Others were talking about being recalled to active duty, the IRR being activated and even a few more talking about running to Canada when the balloon goes up.

Instead of relaying valuable, fact filled information to the public the news media created a spectacle.

I suspect it was all about politics.

I suspect that if it wasn't about politics it was about ratings...but even if that was the case politics was still involved.

Convince me I'm wrong.

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