Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Royal Air Force Chinooks from 27th Squadron leave Norway to join Royal Marines 3 Commando for training in the arctic.

Don't know what's going on up there but the Brits are going big on the Arctic training.  It's a shame that the USMC had obligations elsewhere and couldn't participate.  We keep hearing about the Arctic being a vital area, but so far the Brits, Dutch, Swedes, and Finns have been more focused than we have.

I wonder.

Should our focus be a bit closer to home?  Maybe team with the Canadians to secure the area closer to our home?  

If we are able to secure the area just north of Alaska (and other areas here) with the help of the Canadians then flexing toward Europe will be easier since we know that not only is Russia making a push there but so are the Chinese.

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