Sunday, January 26, 2020

US registers third coronavirus case, California health officials say

Interesting.  Orange County has a sizeable population of Chinese residents.

This virus is damn near worldwide now.  Interesting that Africa hasn't suffered any outbreak.  Could it be that eating "bushmeat" is common and they have a built in immunity?

Hadn't heard of a case in Chicago.  This is interesting. The flu (common flu...if there is such a thing), hit my area of the world hard.  I wonder how rural America will fare if this thing hits there.

One thing should alarm if nothing else.

According to info I've read, bloggers in China were charting the course of this thing at the end of December.  Chinese authorities locked them up instead of acting.  We didn't get word of this thing till around Jan 24th.  Almost a whole month went by without the public being aware of this thing.

Are you sure you know as much as you should about this outbreak?

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