Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Marine Expeditionary Brigade...

I don't think I've ever really appreciated what a Marine Expeditionary Brigade would actually look like...or to be more precise what it would look like if you put it all aboard ship.

Just plain wow.

That's enough combat power to destroy MANY nations alone.  That's before you add in Naval Air coming from a couple of carriers, a few rapid deployment Army Divisions (or even just Brigades), the USAF sending an Air Expeditionary Force, Special Ops Command running around with their hair on fire and of course the National Guard/Reserves/Coast Guard.

The astonishing thing?

If you're counting hulls then we have enough to get another MEB afloat too.

Sometimes I wonder if we should stop push for more and simply get what we have operating at 100%.  Looking at this simple illustration we're already at overmatch with our US Marine/Navy team solo....and that would apply to a 1st world military force (at least 99 percent of them) much less 3rd world nations.

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