Sunday, February 23, 2020

Coronavirus is spreading in Europe and Chinese leadership starts speaking the truth...

Ok.  The Italians are screening refugees CAREFULLY, even to the point of keeping them aboard rescue ships for 24 days until being allowed to step on their soil.

Xi is saying this?  Things must be much worse than we're hearing in China.  Additionally Xi must be coming under much more pressure than we're hearing from party members.  Xi could be facing a challenge to his continued leadership of the party.  He either gets this fixed soon OR we might see a change at the top of Chinese leadership.

The implications are becoming a bit stark now.  We have an inkling of Xi.  We know that monster.  What happens if the next guy is even more nationalistic? What if he wants to see the challenge to America's dominance NOW instead of waiting till 2040?

I view China as being aggressive.  What if the next guy is hyper aggressive?  Much opportunity and much danger in this disease outbreak.  I wonder if national security experts are onto this yet.

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