Friday, February 21, 2020

Coronavirus is in up will be Pakistan, Iraq and probably a bit later India. Pandemic here we come!

Iran won't be able to control this thing.  Neither will Pakistan and Iraq.  This means that Afghanistan will DEFINITELY get hit with it and down the road India.

We're headed toward a pandemic folks.

Even worse?

The other obvious countries to be hit.  We can figure Libya and Egypt will be included in this hit parade so it will sweep into first Northern Africa and then the rest of that continent.  In Iraq it will migrate toward Syria and you can bet that those busting at the seams refugee camps will suddenly have alot more room and be alot calmer due to people getting sick.  With the snow on the ground you can also bet that transmission will be rapid and medical aid sparse.

Then onto Turkey and up the southern tip of Europe.

This thing is gonna get nasty.

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