Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sensor Fusion FINALLY explained...long story short? It's NOT a 5th gen only capability!

Thanks to Ogden for the link!

Just plain wow.  Do you remember the tick tock of how we've seen the F-35 justified?  First it was all about stealth.  Then they moved on (for a long time) to sensor fusion being the thing that they hung their hat on.  They've finally tried to switch to low cost.

But going back to sensor fusion.

We've heard other planes claim that they also have it.  From the Grippen, to the Rafale, to the EuroFighter, to the SU-35, the Super Hornet and even a few more.

With this explanation we know that Sensor Fusion is NOT 5th gen unique. With the proper avionics/electronics ANY plane can have sensor fusion.  Hell if I'm reading this right even attack helicopters, transport helicopters and cargo/passenger planes can have various forms of sensor fusion.

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