Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Small Rant. I was right about Coronavirus...

Been away for a bit cause life jumped up and bit me in the ass but I can't let another day go by without chest thumping.

Remember me calling the current outbreak a pandemic?  They still haven't done it but I believe they're laying the groundwork.  Slow and steady drumbeat of the news so that the public isn't freaked out when its declared.

Next I think I was right when I asked if we shouldn't start getting our preps in order.  The US Govt has already called on individuals to prepare and if you're in this crowd you should already be making steps to ensuring you and yours are ready.  Afterall you heard it here first.

Lastly I don't believe the mortality rates one bit.  But even if they're right they're similar to the Spanish Flu.  This thing is gonna be intense if they can't get it solved.

Chest thumping over.

Question.  What should a family do to prepare for this outbreak?  What would be prudent steps?

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