Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sorry for the light blogging folks...

Sorry for the light blogging  this week folks but life jumped up and kicked me in the nuts.  I plan on shaking back this weekend.  Quick and dirty?  Dealing with an elderly parent and that alone is a mindfuck when you switch roles and watch a once powerful man start the inevitable for us all downward spiral.

If that wasn't enough (and I repeat...that was a TOTAL mindfuck) we had our defensive tactics certification and since we have a hard as woodpecker lips DT Instructor, that is also a Marine, a Vietnam Vet AND an old school LEO that found out I was part of his club you know I had to go hard.  Amazingly many of my compadres went soft.  Lucky for me I found a buddy from our brotherhood (lots of Marines in my department!) so we spent the past week pounding on each other like it was old times week.

Needless to say I was buying stock in Tiger Balm everyday and icing knees like there was no tomorrow.  One week and I lost 15 pounds.

To top it off I caught a cold Thursday and I'm trying to fight thru it.

So yeah.  I slipped on this one.  But I'm back and feeling good...mentally if not physically but I'll get that back by Monday (better cause round 2 starts Tues!).

Expect heavy posting from here till at least Weds...after that maybe another short lull...SO HANG WITH ME!

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