Thursday, February 27, 2020

The World Health Organization is criminal for not declaring the Coronavirus an epidemic...

Small Rant.

The World Health Organization was, in my personal opinion, the only functioning part of the UN.  Everything else was a broken mess.


They're as jacked up as the rest of the place.

That simple graph lays it out in stunning detail.  This thing is worldwide.  How bad?  We can all debate that.  I have my opinion, you have yours.  What can't be debated is that getting ahead of this monster is key to TRYING to contain it as much as possible.

The WHO isn't helping.  As a matter of fact by NOT, declaring a pandemic they're making what I believe is a mistake.  The short term pain will be negligble.  The stock market is already tanking around the world.  The economic pain is already starting to be felt.

If they declare a pandemic we can start taking concrete, non-controversial steps to contain this thing (those same steps taken outside of a declared pandemic will fall into the usual political infighting).

This is not going to be good folks.  Have you looked for N95 masks?  You can find them but their cost is outrageous.  Should have jumped on this when I first warned about it (yeah...a bit more chest thumping...but fuck it..I was right!).

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